Monday, August 27, 2012

New Schedule

Tonight starts my new work schedule. I have been on days all summer but went back to my 4pm-midnight shift today.  I do like this shift and LOVE not having to set an alarm in the morning, but will hate not getting to see Jeremy all week long with the exception of his lunch break and my dinner break.

Walking is coming along. 25 pounds really isn't a lot, basically it's just putting my foot down for balance.  Thursday, my first full day of using it again, my foot was purple.  Not good!!  I laid down and had it propped up the rest of the night and it went back to normal pink color.  I haven't had any other problems like that, that I've noticed.  Wednesday I up it to 50 pounds so we will how that goes.  

This past Saturday we went to Alison Krause. She was great!  I hate to say I really only knew about three of her songs.  She has such a unique voice that all of her songs are great.

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  1. Sorry I have been busy, sadly blog reading has taken a back seat, but I misses alot, I was shocked you had surgery, hope the recovery is ahead of schedule