Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Catching Up and Indoor Triathlon Recap

Sorry I have been away so long from the blogging world.  I have been running and have finished week 6 of my couch to 10K program. I got a little behind in February with a lazy week, followed by hurting my already bad ankle.  But it is better now, nothing broken, just bruised. 

Jeremy and I have been running with Lacey as much as we can.  She isn't quite ready to run in town yet, so we have to go to the park with her. Jeremy has taken her on a couple 5 mile runs and she has done really well and is tired afterwards.  We have figured that for now 5 is her magic number of what it takes to get her to wear out. 

Sunday Emily and I took part in an indoor triathlon, the same one we did last year.  Unfortunately this year I did not prepare at all like I should have.  I had not swam or biked since early last summer before I broke my ankle and as previously stated February wasn't a great run month for me.  The swim was ok.  I was the next to fastest person there. I alternated between freestyle and backstroke because my arm muscles were on fire! Switching back and forth helped to give some of the muscle groups a break.  The bike was not pretty. They were on spin bikes and I had already planned on setting the resistance easy and going slow so I could finish and have some legs left for the run.  The run was 21.13 laps around the indoor track.  I decided to help me keep count and to be able to do my run/walk method I would walk 1 lap and run 2 and do that 7 times.  Jeremy was there to cheer me on and keep track of mine and Emily's laps.  Emily finished before me on the run and did the last three laps with me and Jeremy ran the last .13 with both of us.  It was really sweet of them to finish with me.  All the other spectators thought Jeremy was adorable for helping me.  Of course I agree with them!

In January I sold my car to Jeremy's mom and thus had to take off my tri magnet and 13.1 sticker off.  I didnt want to put either back on my new car until I had competed in one again and now I can put the tri magnet back on!  May 19th is my half marathon in Green Bay and I'm looking forward to getting a new 13.1 sticker.


  1. great job on the triathlon! I need to get a 13.1 sticker for my car. I love when I see them on other cars. I immediatly think the person in the car is awesome.