Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Throo the Zoo 5K

This is a 5K that Jeremy and I have wanted to do for a few years, but there is a big race in our hometown on the same day.  This year was no different, however Jeremy's brother decided to have our nephew's 2nd birthday at the Louisville Zoo this year.  So we mentioned doing the race in conjunction with the party and the date was set. 

This is my first "real" 5k since I broke my ankle. I have walked a few but haven't ran in one.  I honestly hadn't planned on running this one, I had planned on walking it with Anna, but once we crossed the start mat she took off.   She pulled ahead about half a mile in but was within eyesight.  Then she decided to stop at the bathroom and I kept on going figuring she would catch up.  I walked at that point so I could put my headphones in. I walked one other time up a huge hill. I wanted to make it all the way up but after going over half way and turning a corner and seeing more hill, I decided to walk the rest of the way up.  I finished in 42:37 which I am really happy with.  In my long runs I had not done under a 15 min pace. 

Before the race

Anika also enjoyed the zoo

Lacey has been running quite a bit lately.  She has done several long runs with either me or Jeremy.  The most she has done so far at one time is 15 miles.  She almost always goes with him on his 5-6 mile week day runs.  She definitely needs the exercise or else she is running wild. The picture below is of her new favorite place in our yard. She loves to go to the top and watch what goes on in and outside our yard.

This weekend Jeremy and I are gong to Wisconsin for the Green Bay Full (him) and Half (me).  I also get to see one of my best friends that moved up there a couple years ago! I can't wait. 


  1. Sounds like a good race! Glad you were able to run it this year! Great job! :0)

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