Sunday, May 8, 2011

great form

This past Saturday Jeremy and his brother Jordan both ran in a local 5k.  They both did terrific and both got PR's.  Jordan ran a 20.02!! He was so close to being in the 19's!!!  Jordan and Jeremy took first and third in the 30-34 age group.  There for the longest time, Jordan kept knocking Jeremy out of the awards, but now Jeremy is usually in the top 3 right along with Jordan.  We are waiting til they get 1, 2 together!

Why didnt I run? well, since i still haven't ran in the past 3 weeks, i didn't feel "ready" for it, plus it is an expensive race $23 for early registration and $30 for late registration.  I've also been trying to lose some weight before i start training again!

I have made a running schedule though to train for the bourbon chase in october and half in november.  so i'll be starting back to running for sure in the next week or so!

After the adults had raced, they had a kid's run.  My niece, who is almost 3, was going to be in it!  She loves to "run like her daddy".

Before the race, warming up:

taking warm ups very seriously!

the little guy she was practicing with didnt stand a chance

The 3 runners:

Jeremy, Jordan and Anika
Andrew, 2 weeks old, slept through most of the festivities:


  1. Awesome job to Jeremy and his brother!! They had awesome times! :0) Your niece and Andrew are too cute!!! :0)

  2. Congrats to Jeremy and Jordan and ANIKA!!! Love to see the whole family partaking in events like these

  3. Hi! new follower. Anika is a doll! I love when my kids get to participate too!