Friday, May 27, 2011

five for friday

*NOW, I have my comments working again. An email from blogger would have been nice to tell us what changed to make them no longer work...

*If you commented on my breakfast post from last week - Thank you!! I still havent gotten Greek Yogurt yet. So many people mentioned that, I will definitely get some! This past week I just ate a banana or a cereal bar for breakfast since I already had those readily available.

*Yesterday at my ww meeting, the leader talked about exer-scuses and why we dont exercise. A friend and I both said, bc our weight goes up not down when we are exercsing. She then started to explain how we need to make sure we have enough water in our system and how we need to eat protein within 30 minutes of running or our body will hoard the water and protein causing our weight to go up.... this makes sense, so i'm going to give it a try for the next week and drink some chocolate milk or eat a tablespoon of peanut butter or a hard boiled egg after I run and see how it works out on the scale.

*i ran monday and tuesday this past week and was up .2 on the scale yesterday. being up .2 is not bad, but it's not a loss either!! i did buy a new scale that has the body fat calculated too. so hopefully if the weight number isn't moving the body fat number will come down at least!!

*i have been looking at vacations for 2012 this week. we are wanting to go in january when i have a week off between winter and spring term. airline prices are way down right now but we are waiting to see if Jeremy's family is going or just jeremy and i. if his family isn't going, then jeremy and i will go by ourselves and then go with his family in the summer. :) i LOVE vacations!!


  1. Sorry the scale is not moving : ( Jillian is kicking but with Shred with weights! You just need a kettle bell or a 5 pound dumb bell.

  2. Found your blog! Sorry about the scale... it's so frustrating... let me know how your new scale works!

  3. I agree with Twila, some strength training will help with the scale