Wednesday, December 7, 2011

sale shopping

Summer and fall clearance clothes have begun!!

I picked up the following items online or at the local running store for pretty cheap.

Can't wait to try these out! Nike two in one tempo short. They felt great just trying them on.

Short sleeve running shirts bc believe it or not I only have one. (the rest are sleeveless)

I got jeremy a couple things too.

Short shorts to use on the treadmill or over tights.

Vizi pro jacket to wear on early morning runs.

I have stopped though and won't buy anymore running clothes for awhile. I am in need of some new work clothes.

Why is it easier to buy running clothes though than work or everyday clothes?

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  1. What is crazy, I moan and groan if I pay more then $25 for a nice button up dress work shirt, though I wont give a second thought on dropping $75 on a cycling jersey

  2. so funny - I can go to TOWN in a running store, but when I have to buy big girl stuff I hate it. You got some cute clothes!

  3. I love running clothes! I'm with the other commenters, I'd rather buy running gear than anything else.

  4. Oooh where'd you get the nike two in one shorts?