Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dec. challenge complete and a new challenge for Jan.

At the beginning of December I challenged myself to do 1 mile of exercise every day.  I am proud to say that I completed that goal!  I biked more than I had anticipated when I originally started in December but I did get the mile(s) in!

I ran 25.7 miles.
I biked 35.8 miles
I swam 2.75 miles

In January I am going to change my goal to 10 minutes of exercise since biking one mile took only 5 minutes or less and/or 1 mile. 

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Tomorrow I'm racing in a New Year's 5 Mile Race. I've never ran in a 5 mile race so I'll have a new PR for 2012 on the first day! 

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