Friday, June 15, 2012

Fallen Runner

While I do not know these people, I feel it needs to shared in the running blog world.  Be careful running!

Yesterday, a woman, Sarah Hart, who lives a couple counties over from us was murdered while running.  She and her sister were up early running, Sarah was struggling and her sister ran back to get the car. When her sister came back, she couldn't find Sarah.  After looking for hours, they found her body.  She had been murdered.  Thankfully they already have a suspect in custody who has admitted to robbing her and then strangling her. 

Here is the link to one of the articles on this.

It's very scary to think that this could happen.  Sherry Arnold a few months ago and now within miles of my hometown.  As a runner I don't carry money with me, as I'm sure most others runners don't either.  And to be killed for a little, if any money, is just heinous.   Sarah had three children.  Please say a pray for her family. 


  1. Ugh...I have a huge pit in my stomach for this family! How heartbreaking!

  2. I saw this on my local news. I too live nearby. Very scary stuff!