Friday, June 29, 2012

Making the best of it.....

Jeremy has gone in to work all week long except Tuesday afternoon when I had my surgery. He doesn't have sick days per se and we dont want him to use his vacation days unless I really need him. We already have/had a vacation scheduled for December 2012. He has about 5 days left not counting the December vacation that he can take. But that has to last him through March 2013 which is when his work year starts over. I should be getting out of my boot around our December vacation so it will be a nice way to celebrate being healed. I dont think they gave me a card for the airport so I'll have to check on that. Two of my nine screws will be taken out in 3 months but the rest will stay in forever unless they bother me in the future.

My parents have been over every day though and a few people have brought us food. Jeremy doesnt cook so that's been difficult too. Lesley my running partner is coming over this afternoon to keep me company and tonight Twila is taking me to see Magic Mike at the theatre.  I'm looking forward to both!

My day consists of either laying in the bed or on the couch. In the house I use crutches to go between the two bedrooms. I guess at least one good thing is my left leg isn't hurt at all. Jeremy said I'll be very flexible by the time this is over. There's only one step to get up to our porch. I had been sitting down, scooting up to it, then standing up again. Last night I was able to make it up the step while on the crutches.  

Our master bedroom is on the main floor so there's no need to go upstairs which is a plus. Our computer is upstairs but I borrowed a laptop from the library to use for a while. We have a bunch of movies DVR'd and I've been watching all the girly ones that Jeremy doesn't want to watch anyway while he's at work, plus I have several books that we have bought that I haven't had time to read. So I guess I'll get caught up on them as well. Plus I've been watching the Olympic swimming trials at night! There's been several Ky people that have been in the trails which is really cool!

Anika's birthday was Wednesday and we ventured out to Lexington for it. That was my first time in the wheelchair. It wasn't too bad. The party was outside so I thought that would be safer than trying to do crutches on uneven ground. All the moms kept telling their kids to stay away from the nice lady in the wheelchair! :) 

We venture out once a day. Last night it was to the RedBox to return a movie. Just being in the car, out of the house, helps though! :) 

Any good movies or books you recommend?

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