Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No more crutches!

Today was the first day in three months that I was able to walk without the aid of crutches or a wheelchair!  The past 3 weeks I have been gradually adding weight back but still needed the crutches for balance and to keep the rest of the weight off my ankle.  I go back for another surgery in two weeks but the doctor says I can go back to work the next day and can put full weight on it afterwards, no waiting.  They have to replace two of the long screws that go through both bones with two shorter screws that will only go through one of the bones. They will also test the ligaments in between the two bones to make sure they have healed correctly.  If they haven't, then I will keep the long screws and we will have to try again with the surgery at a later date.

As of now I am still in the boot and do have difficulty walking without it.  The part of my ankle that was broken doesn't hurt. Instead it's the bottom and top part of my foot that aches.  My calf has also been aching today some too.  The muscle is having to build back up from where there was so much atrophy.  I will still use a wheelchair on Saturday when we go to the UK football game.  There is just too many people and too much walking for me.  Plus having my handicap parking permit allows us to park super close to the stadium.

I do hope to build up my walking after my surgery and have my sights set on a 5K at the end of October. It is to benefit Alzheimers and I think my dad is going to walk it with me.  He is going to be my new walking buddy! 


  1. YAY for no more crutches! Hope you continue to heal up quickly!! :0)

  2. That is great news! Hoping the next surgery goes well and that things have healed the way they've needed. Good luck on your 5k!