Sunday, September 30, 2012

Physical Therapy

Wednesday I went to PT for the first time for my ankle.  It took about 2 hours total.  They asked what I had done, much to the chagrin of the woman next to me who is doing Tough Mudder in a month.

They measured how many degrees I could move my foot in all different directions. They measured the circumference of my calves.  There was a 2 INCH difference between my right and left calf.  I'm pretty sure my right one was gotten bigger since I have been walking on it some. I wish I had measured the difference right when the cast came off to see what the difference was.

The lady at PT was very nice.  She had me do several exercises and stretches. Only one of them was uncomfortable.  I had to have my weight on my left foot, put the heel of my right foot down and walk through it taking a step with my left.  When my weight gets to the front of my foot on the balls and toes is when it feels weird.

I go back three times this week, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. She said she was going to put me some of the machines this week. I saw an elliptical and exercise bike so I'm thinking it will be one or both of those.

She sent me some exercises to do at home and I feel horrible because I really havent' had time to do them as much as she said.  But I did walk a lot on Friday and Saturday so I'm hoping that will be close enough!


  1. Glad you are continuing to progress! Keep doing that PT and hopefully you will be back to running before you know it!

  2. I know we’re a lot busy on the things that we prioritize like work and household chores, but I guess taking a break and doing some exercises won’t harm us. I hope you’re already ok now and I think you can still do the exercises to avoid injuries in the next days. :)

    < Sienna Christie >