Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Looking for Shoes


I have been looking for new shoes over the past month.  My ortho doctor told me to train on the treadmill. But with the new puppy needing walked every day what better way to kill two birds in one stone?  It gives her exercise and trains her to run with us. Unfortunately running on the blacktop  leaves my ankle tender by the end of the walk/run. 

I want shoes in a color that I like as well as some that are very cushioned.  I have worn the Nimbus and Ghost in the past but none of the current styles are in colors that I really want to wear which has left me searching for a new shoe. I also need a neutral shoe with a lot of cushioning for my ankle. 

I have tried on the Mizuno Creation and Rider, as well as the Ravenas and the Glycerin.  I have finally decided on the Glycerins and will order them tomorrow hopefully.

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  1. I love Brooks!! Great company that makes a great shoe, their customer service is awesome