Monday, June 10, 2013

27 Hour Tri Recap

Our team name for the tri was "Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge".  Our team captains brought dodgeballs and we made signs to hang on our tent.  See our team picture at the bottom of the post.

The 27 hour started Friday morning at 6am, thankfully in a heated outdoor pool.  There were 5 of us there and we each swam 30 minutes to complete the 2.5 hour swim portion. 

Next was the 12.5 hour bike. The course was on the Legacy Trail in Lexington and was absolutely gorgeous!  It was a 5 mile out and 5 back that looped around right in front of our team area so we could switch in and out as we needed too.  Not having been on a bike in over a year my butt was seriously sore after my first bike portion.  I rode again the last 20 minutes when the sun was setting.   I took a picture because like I said earlier it was beautiful. 

When the 12 hour run started our team walked the route together to know where it went, since the majority of this portion would be in the dark.  About 10pm or so I got in my sleeping bag on the ground and dozed on and off for a few hours.  I got up around 3am and walked 2 miles.  The last 20 minutes of the tri we walked the route again as a team to the finish line.  We were all still smiling when it was over!

 The reason it is 27 hours is for the 27 million people still enslaved around the world.  At the end of the month there will be the new numbers of how many people are enslaved.  The race director will let us know after the report has come out how long the tri will be next year.   We are hoping the number hasn't risen. 

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  1. Wow!! What a great event for an awesome cause! Congrats! I don't see how you stayed up that long...major kudos to you!