Wednesday, June 1, 2011

gone fishing and anniversary

monday my husband went to the family farm with his dad to move some landscaping stones.  I tagged along and went fishing while they were working.

there was lots of this

but only one fish and it wasn't a "keeper".

yesterday was my three year wedding anniversary!  God works in mysterious ways that's for sure!  I had been let go bc of cutbacks and found myself teaching at a new school, where I met another 'new to that school' teacher.  we became friends and the following summer she and one of her friends decided jeremy and i should meet.  turns out i graduated high school the same year as his brother and swam on the hs team with his sister in law, whose parents live right down the road from my parents.  we met in june, got engaged in december and were married the following may on the 31st.  it has been an amazing 3 three years!!

it amazes me still how God works in our lives and when he shuts one door, he opens another.  i truly believe if i hadn't been let go, I would still be single and would never have met jeremy on my own.  what i thought was horrible at the time (losing my job) turned out to be the biggest blessing (meeting jeremy)!! 

here are some wedding pics
rehearsal dinner

after ceremony, with my grandma who couldnt make it

my best friends/bridesmaids

back of my dress

honeymoon in riveria maya, mexico
(oh, to be that skinny again!)


  1. happy anniversary!

    Looks like a relaxing time at the lake!

  2. YAY! Happy Anniversary!! :0) I love looking back over time and seeing how Got intervened in a situation! Pretty neat!!! :0)

  3. Happy Anniversary - wedding pics are so cute!