Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blown Away

My first race of 2012 did not go as planned. The race started at 1pm so when I got up at 9:30 I thought I would have plenty of time to take care of bathroom business. That didn't happen though and I was in and out of the bathroom all morning.

The wind was quite ridiculous this morning at 23 mph. It made it feel much colder than it said.

Before the race I decided to do the one mile race instead of the 5 miles. With belly issues and the wind I just wasn't feeling 5 today.

The price was only $10 for either race and it all went to a good cause - a hs boy with cancer. There was about 500 people at the race. Much more than they had expected.

The 5 mile runners started and then the 1 mile runners started.

The funny sign at the start line fitting for a new years race.

The one mile race was not very well marked nor were there workers directing the one milers where to go so my one mile run was actually 1.43 miles. I followed a couple people in front of me that realized the distance was going to be long. we turned around but by that time we were already long. My time was good considering the added distance but I did not get a PR for the one mile. I never warmed up during this run like I normally do. The wind was a killer even in the one mile.

After the race we stopped by the mall to get jeremy's ring resized and randomly found a painting for our living room at a kiosk in front of the jewelry store.

We had been looking for one since April but hadn't found one we liked enough to buy yet. This one we both liked and it was 75% off!! Can't beat that!!

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  1. that painting is so pretty! good job and getting out there despite and wind and tummy issues!