Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I went this morning to the doctor to check my leg after the surgery. It has been two weeks and it was time for a check up.
The nurse cut off my splint and I got to see my foot for the first time. She cut out my stitches today too. Scroll past the next couple pictures if you have a weak stomach!

I have been having a pain in the bottom of my heel (not near the incisions) that I was worried about. The doctor said that was normal and it was from my heel taking the pressure of my leg when I'm resting it.
They took X-rays and showed me my new hardware.

Then it was time to get an actual cast. I was thinking of either green (fav color) or blue (for ky). The doctor said I needed to come back in two weeks. They would take off this cast, look at my heel, then put another cast on for another two weeks.

I decided on University of Kentucky CATS paws! I think I will get green next time.

Now the question is do I let people sign this one or the next one? I'm thinking the next one....
I go back to work tomorrow for a half day. It will be good to go back, get out of the house, and feel productive again!

Thanks Lesley for the cute blog title!

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  1. Mary Beth GarriottJuly 11, 2012 at 7:55 PM

    Crystal, I hate to say this, but in your xray pix, it looks like one foot is going one direction while the other foot is going in the opposite direction. Yikes!!! Maybe you can tell me tomorrow that this is an optical illusion!!!

  2. Great looking cast and the foot doesn't look bad at all! Hang in there :)