Monday, July 16, 2012

Uncle Dummy and Aunt Cripple

Last week Jeremy's grandmother passed away. His brother and family came up and stayed with us for the visitation and funeral.

The youngest boy, Lex who is 5, has trouble saying his J's and R's so when he said Uncle Jeremy it came out Uncle Dummy.

Lex and Uncle Dummy

Trulea and Uncle Jeremy

My sister in law came up with Aunt Cripple because of my leg and because it sounds close to Crystal. We got a big kick out of being Uncle Dummy and Aunt Cripple for the next few days.

While we are sad that Jeremy's grandmother passed away, we were glad we got to see Jonathan , Trisha and the kids. We went to see Brave and went to a Japanese hibachi place. The boys loved it, but Trulea was not a fan of the fire.

All of the Ellis family after dinner

The house is much quieter without the kids here. We are planning on seeing them again next month for Trulea's birthday.

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  1. Sorry for your loss, glad you got to spend time with family though.