Monday, October 1, 2012

Bourbon Chase

This past Friday and Saturday was the Bourbon Chase, a 200 mile relay run through central Kentucky and 6 bourbon distilleries.  I was captain of this team until my unfortunate ankle injury which then led to Jeremy being the official captain while I did all the grunt work.  I did get a nice blanket for all my troubles. 

Because I wasn't able to run but was still "captain" and I wasn't about to drive the 12 passenger van, I was the official navigator I guess. I rode shotgun in the van and kept track of the time log and was the gatorade girl when I could remember to do so. They also had a scavenger hunt game going on at the different exchanges.  Most of the time it involved answering a question on bourbon or the surrounding area or taking a picture of something silly.

The van had to park pretty far away at most of the exchanges so I did a LOT of walking. Considering I had not done any exercise in the last three months I was a little sore come Saturday night and Sunday. My non-existant right calf was actually hard as a rock with a muscle!! Woo hoo!!

We had a great time this year and everyone ran great! It did rain on us off and on but we actually finished 58 minutes ahead of our predicted times! We were with a great group of people and that made it all the more enjoyable!

Below are some pictures of the weekend.
the front of our team shirt

back of our team shirt

the big van

trying to put fear in the other vans

Van 1 runners and driver

At the start

part of the scavenger hunt

Lesley's hair post run

singing My Old KY home

Heaven Hill gift shop

All lit up

Happy to  be getting something sweet to eat

Ride 'em turkey!

Clay getting the Wild Turkey Master Distiller's autograph

Me and Jeremy after the finish

The team crossing th finish line!

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