Saturday, August 7, 2010

7 miles...

Another first for me today. i ran 7 miles today at a faster pace than i ran my 5 miles a few weeks ago. in fact a whole 1 min. 10 seconds faster per mile. which means that my first 5 miles today were 7 min. faster than before!! go me!

the first 2 miles were torture. i found out that 1+2 really does equal 3. as in 2 prerun imodiums + 1 mile in = 3 trips to the bathroom over the course of the next mile. yikes! i definitely wanted to quit but i knew that really wasnt an option.

i ran the first 2 miles today and then did my run 1, walk 1 intervals for the next 5 miles. the weather was perfect, mid 70's during the run and low humidity. can't wait for cooler weather and the half in the fall.

i didnt run with music, so i just let myself think and what i found was i think about thinking about stuff. twila says she gets bored running and thinks about all sorts of stuff, i on the other hand was just thinking "wonder what i think about?" the answer is, not much! i usually am doing math in my head after looking at the garmin every few minutes, the occasional prayer to God to get me to a bathroom quickly, or i wonder where jeremy is on the course and if i'll pass him :) funny thing is, during my 7 miles and his 12 miles we only passed each other once when we both had 2 miles left.

i ate some grape sport beans on the way to the park and i really do think that helps with my energy level during my run. i would like to try the gu or other foods during the run but haven't bought anything yet.

overall a very successful run!

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