Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 out of 3 isn't bad

Due to having outpatient surgery on Wednesday, I am trying to get all three of my workouts in Sunday-Tuesday. which might be difficult since i'm used to only running 3 times a week and i'll be running four days in a row due to the race yesterday and squeezing in three days of training back to back. This morning Jeremy and i got up early to go run. about 3 or 4 tenths in, my shins were on fire! they have never really hurt before but boy they were today. i figured pushing so hard yesterday was the cause, so i decided we would just walk the rest of the 30 minutes and i will still count it as my workout for the day. hopefully, by monday night i'll be more rested and can get in a good run with twila.

twila and i had already planned last week on meeting tonight to bike and swim to get ready for our tri at the end of september. since it was cross training i was hoping i wouldn't have the same issues i had this morning. jeremy was able to join us tonight. we usually run during the week when he is at work, so it was nice he could join us.

we biked 15 miles on the tri course - no shin problems! yay! then we hopped in the pool. I swam 300 meters. it wasn't too bad doing the the two back to back, even though it was in the wrong order. not sure how adding a 3 mile run will feel, since that's my weakest of the three! i'm happy to have done 2 of the 3 tonight. we have a month before the tri so we both need to work on our transitions and doing all three events back to back.

unfortunately, this is my last week of being on days before i switch to nights, so twila and i wont have any more weekday run/swim/bikes! =( we'll have our last joint workout tomorrow due to my surgery on wednesday and then starting back on nights. :( I'm thankful to have found someone to workout with for the past few weeks! i'm sad that twila and i can't continue to do train together, but at the same time i'm happy because my NEW training partner will be my hubby!! since we'll both be working nights we'll have the mornings to train together! :)


  1. Hope your shins feel better the next time you run! Way to go on the tri training. You're braver than I am!!

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