Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bike Night

It has been a while since i have gotten to bike with the group. due to twila's childcare, we have been biking on wednesdays but just not with "the group". which is fine with me, i like biking just the 2 of us or 4 of us if a couple swimmers go to. i go with the C group and even then i am at the back of the group. but hey i'm out there doing it! the leader of the pack, rick, is awesome and he stays at the back with me and whoever else is back there and gives us some biking tips.

tonights tips:
dogs - when they come running up try to command them like their master would, or if that doesnt work try the opposite and baby them. hopefully one way or the other, they'll leave you alone.
gears - work your gears so you are pedaling the same throughout, whether you are going uphill, downhill, or flat. make them work for you, not against you.

tonight's trek was 22 miles. it was the second longest ride ever, the longest still being the first time i rode with the group.

unfortunately, due to twila's childcare issues next week, me having outpatient surgery the following week, and starting to work night shift again the week after that, this is my last group bike night for a while. although i'm sad to not be able to go for several months, i will enjoy getting to bike with jeremy since we'll be on the same schedule and able to work out together.

as far as my half training goes, this week my short runs are 27 min and my long run will be 8 miles on saturday. next week my short runs go up to 30 minutes and will stay at that time length right up until the half. my long runs will go up each week. so far so good with the training! i can't wait to get my 13.1 sticker and put it on my car! :)

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  1. Thanks for the bike ride! I wish we could make more of them but we can just meet and do the tri route until the end of September