Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Review

November was a very "off" month to say the least.  Not being able to run, told I needed to rest, really made me lazy!  :(

I originally had a goal of 75 miles for November, but quickly saw that was not going to happen.  I adjusted it to 40 which i thought was more doable.  I got really close and ended up with 36.82 miles.  Good thing i have that exercise bike now!  If i'd known i was that close i would have done another 3.18 on the bike today. 
My goal for december is 40 miles again.  Since we are going on vacation and with the holidays I dont want to set it TOO high.  Just high enough that it is obtainable. 

Twila told me about a great deal on Nike.com over the weekend.  I bought a base layer shirt, tights, gloves and a headband!!!  So excited to finally have cold running gear!  Then on Sarah's blog I read about a cyber monday sale on runningskirts.com. so I also ordered me a running skirt! 

Can't wait for them to come in and try out my new duds!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The good, the bad, and the pretty

Last night, Jeremy and I did the Southern Lights Stroll 5K.  Here is the low down on the race.

The Good:
*Although it rained the entire way up to the race, it stopped and didn't rain for the majority of it.
*I found something that worked with my short hair - 2 samuri ponytails and a sweaty band.
*Eating at Outback after the race with the Andersons and Sudds.
*Going to the Horsepark for the first time ever.
*Going to Southern Lights for the first time ever.
*Realizing I need to start running more to get back in the shape i was again.
*using my new camera that i got for christmas (early)

The Bad :(
*It was cold (40 degrees), windy, and wet from raining beforehand.
*Started raining at the end of the race (my first time running in rain)
*My time (although what do i expect when i stop and take pictures -see The pretty)
*Wearing glasses when it's cold and blowing out warm air that fogs them up making it hard to see.
*Running in the dark so you can't see your Garmin.
*Running in capris (bc you dont have tights or long running pants) when it's wet and having your shoes throw up water on your calves.
*Realizing just how much endurance and speed i have lost since the half due to my injury
*Realizing just how much gaining weight effects you when running.  
*trying to take pictures of lights in the dark with a new camera

and The Pretty:

snow flake

peter pan, the croc, and captain hook



race horse

babe the blue ox

me and the nutcracker       

inside the gift shop at the hp

santa was giving out awards

Monday, November 22, 2010

running in the wind....blows

running into the wind = bad.
running with the wind to your back making hair fly into your mouth = worse

i used a sweaty band today with my new short hair.  it didnt work so well.  granted i didnt have the sides pulled back at all and it was windier than a tornado out. i ran into the wind, which is hard, the hair stayed out of my face, but caused the wind to whistle into my yurbuds so loud i could barely hear the music.   i ran with the wind to my back and got nothing but mouthfuls of hair.  i just couldnt win today.  i think i'll try pulling the sides up next time and possibly trying the bondi band.  i think since it is so much wider it might be better at this point.

the actual "run" itself was ok.  i did my run 2, walk 1 cycle hoping that would help my shin splints.  it did for a bit, but they did rear their ugly head about halfway in.  although not as bad as the previous outside runs but still enough to be annoying.  i was able to push through 2.5 miles.

i have a race wednesday night. i'm not sure how i'm going to do.  i obviously would like a PR! i mean who wouldnt???  but i'm not sure that that will be possible where i have had to cut down my training so much the past month.  the black cat chase at the end of oct. gave me a false hope that i hadn't lost that much endurance, but my running the past 3 weeks since then hasn't been the best either.  

i am looking forward to the race in general though. it is at the kentucky horse park called the Southern Lights Stroll, which is decorated for christmas.  they have lights everywhere and normally you pay by the carload to drive around and look at the lights, but the race is going to have us running through the lights.  i plan on taking lots of pictures! :)  i have never been to the horse park for the lights and am excited to finally see them!  plus after the race, a bunch of us that are running in the Bourbon Chase next October (200 mile relay run) are going to eat after. what fun! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

All gone

Friday I walked in to the hair salon ready but a little nervous to cut my hair 8 inches, which took a long time to grow, I might add.

As I was waiting John my stylist came over checkjng out his client before me. I told him I wanted to donate today. The lady who had just been with him asked me " are you donating for cancer?" I answered yes and she said "thank you!! I never wore one but a lot of people do!" that really touched me how thankful she was.

                                                                    My hair before

John put my hair in three ponytails and started cutting. The stylist next to him realized what we were doing and as the first ponytail went she let out a loud "go crystal!!". Word spread quickly throughout the crowded salon that I was donating my hair.

                                                                     The largest ponytail

                                                             All three ponytails together

Pretty soon it was all cut off and I was left with a lot less hair.

                                                         Right after I got it cut and styled

That night i went to the movies with a couple friends. Midway through the movie i went to pull my hair back in a ponytail to realize and accidently say loudly " i diot have any hair!"

Yesterday my swimmers had a meet, only about 4-5 people noticed that i had gotten it cut. Of course jeremy just had to throw in there maybe they noticed they just didnt like it. Thanks for that babe-NOT what I wanted to hear. Although I did get a "hey there" from a guy hanging out the window of a car when I was walking down the road. So maybe it isn't so bad!

I am still not used to it after two days. It's so short, I can feel my neck! Random I know.

Here's my question to others that have short hair - how do you run with it? Will the sweatybands stay in?

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I am donating my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  8 inches will be given to Pantene and used to make wigs for cancer patients.

I had thought about and come very close to donating back in September. But at that timeif i had cut it, it would not have been long enough for me to put it in a ponytail. And there was NO way I was going to run a half marathon and NOT be able to put my hair up in a ponytail.

Now that I'm not training for anything "big" I think I will be able to handle not being able to put my hair up.  Although it will be a hard habit to break as my hair is usually up 80% of the day it seems like. 

I will post pictures tomorrow of the before and after!

PS - my no soft drinks is going ok..... i haven't had any but have been craving them.  it's not the caffeine i have the need for but the carbonation, the little bubbles bursting on my tongue.   but i know i just need to stay strong and it will pass, eventually.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my name is crystal and i like my treadmill

Since the weather has finally turned colder many fellow bloggers have been writing about how much they hate, dislike, and avoid the "dreadmill". well, i for one LOVE my treadmill.  there are no frills on it at all! the speed isn't accurate and neither is the distance. for that matter the belt is starting to come apart.   today we tried to duct tape it back down but had no success.  the duct tape wouldnt stick on it.  :(  so much for generic being just as good as the original.

but i think that's why i like it -  i dont worry about my time or my distance, i just run.  today, it was raining and very windy outside. and while i had the opportunity to go the park and run in the rain with my hubby and bro-in-law, i opted for the warmth and dryness of the extra bedroom.  i popped in a disc of Friends season 2 (i started at the beginning and am going through them epidsode by episode to see if there are any that i've missed), cranked up the volume, turned on the closed captioning, and started running.

i was 6 min in and it felt like no time at all had gone by.  historically the first 10-15 min or more of my runs are the hardest (longest) so i was pretty pumped to realize it didn't feel like any time at all had gone by.  i did have to stop a couple times and run to the bathroom :( me and fazolis the night before do not make for good running partners.  but i hopped back on and ran for 25 min with no walking. as the 25 minutes went by i gradually increased the speed.  it was the best run i have had since the half.  i'm relieved to have had a good run FINALLY!  i think the next couple runs i do are going to be on the treadmill.

since the distance and speed dont work on the treadmill i am looking at getting a garmin footpod.  does anyone have one? do you like it? do you think this will disenchant me from my treadmill since i'll know my actual speed and distance?  i thougth it would be a good buy for the upcoming winter months but part of me thinks if i know those things, i will join my fellow bloggers in their dread for the 'mill. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Here it is!!

After a month I finally got Jeremy to put my 13.1 sticker on my car! It's so pretty, don't you agree?

Also, I am borrowing my parents exercise bike which we went and picked up today. My plan is to use this on days when I can't bike outside this winter and/or when I am watching biggest loser or something on tv.

I have been thinking about buying a bike trainer. But i have decided for now that I will use the exercise bike to see if 1)I like biking inside before 2)I spend the money on a trainer.

Does anyone have a trainer if so what kind? And do u like it better than an exercise bike?

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Giving it up

On my quest to start eating better I decided about a month before the half, to give up cupcakes.  last week, i gave up mcdonald's chocolate chip cookies.

today is my last day to drink soft drinks....at least for a month, hopefully longer but that's my first goal is to get through one month.  this is going to be a hard one for me. i know i can do it bc i have done it before.  4 years prior to my wedding i was soft drink free.  then on a trip to mexico for the honeymoon, where coke was cheaper than water, i started drinking them again.  and it has just gone down hill from there.  i do drink mainly diet drinks, but the occasional regular coke will slip in at a ball game or some place where diet mt. dew is not available.

so tomorrow starts a new day, a new me, that's soft drink free!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday ramblings

Today I ran.  well, i ran and walked for 2 miles.  the plan was originally to run/walk the first mile then run all the second mile.  that didnt happen.  but i haven't really "ran" since the half, so i really can't complain.   I got to 1.8 miles and decided that I would run fast the last .2!  i stayed under a 10min/mile pace for those .2 miles. woo hoo! 

I tried a bondi band again today and I just dont think i'm a fan of it.  I had it down farther on my head this time so it didnt slip off. however, bc i had to have it so far down on my forehead i got hot!  :(  i like that the air can hit my forehead with the sweaty bands and cool me off some!  j suggested they be part of my cold weather gear.

starting today i am going to start getting in more miles through running and/or biking and start eating better.  i love biking but it has slipped to the wayside here lately.  i also need to pick back up my swimming which also has fallen to the wayside since the tri.  i coach my former hs team and one of my swimmers had the genius idea that we should have an "alumni" meet and let us old fogeys swim against each other!  It is scheduled for Dec. 11th!!  so i need to get in semi shape so i  dont embarrass myself in front of my current swimmers! also, another reason to really hit it hard this month is that in December my husband and i are going on a cruise to the caribbean!  i'd love to lose weight this month and tone up some more before then!   one of the excursions we have planned is a bike tour of Grand Turk! i can't wait!

j and i are thinking about going down to see his brother and sister in law for new years in tennessee.  we found a 5k race an hour from where they live that is in alabama (j has ran a race in alabama already, i have not).  the race is on new years eve and starts at 11:45pm.  you "run" in the new year!  i think it would be really neat to do this one together with jeremy since running has sort of taken over our free time this past year. 

well, that's about all i've got for now... have a great Monday everyone!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Food Tag

If you could eat anything without any health repercussions or guilt, what would your meal be?

Oh gosh that's a hard one.  currently i would have to say warm gooey brownies, coconut chicken (from chinese buffet) and/or fajita quesadillas (mexican) are definitely at the TOP of my list! 

When i was little my favorite meal was homemade fried chicken, mac and cheese, creamed corn, and mashed potatoes.  The last three veggies had to be all swirled together! :)  YUMMMM!

If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be and why?

I guess I would like to meet my mom's dad. He was the only grandparent I didnt know bc he died before I was born.  I would also like to meet John Travolta, Jennifer Aniston, and Courtney Cox. 

Why did you start blogging and what did you expect when you started?

I started blogging in June.  I had been following Twila's baby and running blog for awhile and liked reading about her accomplishments.  I thought it would be a great way to share my transformation into a runner with people who were/are like me and used to HATE running.

What is the one book you could read over and over again?

I really dont like to read books more than once.  Although I'm not sure I've ever tried to read one over now that I say that.  I do love to read though!  my favorite authors are James Patterson and Karen Kingsbury. I also like Harry Potter, Twilight, True Blood, and The Hunger Games series.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

Australia!!!  Australia!! Australia!  I have wanted to go there since i was a teenager! 

If you could have a TV show on the Food Network, what would it be?

"ow to not burn spaghetti!" i dont know what it is but i have ruined spaghetti at least the last 5 times i have made it! it's most people's staple go to food.  but somehow i manage to mess it up!

What was the best meal you ever had?

It would have to be either the fried chicken meal mentioned in question #1 or the first time Jeremy and I went to the Melting Pot!  Chocolate and peanut butter....what could be better?

Who has been the greatest influence on your love for food and learning to cook?

My grandmother (my dad's mom) was a great cook.  She was the one that made the homemade fried chicken dinner!  Everything she made was SO tasty and fattening!

I am going to tag the following people:

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Meredith at Run is the New Walk
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