Saturday, July 30, 2011

1 mile race

today there was a one mile race on the track and a 5k cross country race.  Jeremy was planning on doing the cross country race, which I knew i was not going to do. However, I was toying with the one mile on the track.  I know I have gotten faster the past few weeks and my current one mile pr was from last august!  I still wasn't sure if i wanted to do it or not. 

Before bed I went through the pros and cons:
pros - get a new pr, break a 10 min mile and get donut holes for which i have been craving lately.
cons - not get a new pr and be very disappointed, have people i know watching me and getting past by 4 and 5 year olds, getting lapped by must faster people. 

I decided i would wake up in the morning and see how i felt.  any belly issues and i definitely would not be running!  i woke and was able to take care of everything before we left. jeremy checked the weather and it was 75 out at 7am.  We got to the race, paid and walked down to the track.  It was extremely humid!

There were several kids and a few older men and woman. I walked up and down the track for a few minutes before going to stand with jeremy and a former swimmer.  They called us to the start and we were off.

The air was extremely humid. it felt very thick to run through.  They had sprinklers on watering the football field and i tried to time it so that when it was hitting the track i could run through it but it seemed every time i got close it went back to just hitting the grass on the field. 

After the first lap i looked down at my watch and was doing a 9 min something mile.  holy smoke! i was flying.  lap 2-3 i slowed down and the next time i looked at my watch it read about an 11 min. mile.  at this point i was hoping i could still get a pr but figured breaking 10 and getting donut holes were out of the question. 

I looked at my time at the last straight stretch and it read 9:30. if i really sprinted i could finish under 10.  i was able to pick it up a little but my legs just couldnt go any  faster.  i finished with a 10:04!!  a 30 second pr!!! i am really happy about my new pr, but really bummed not to break 10.....i really wanted some donut holes!!  We got medals and ribbons for the 1 mile run and the 5k.  Jeremy finished 1 minute faster than he did last year on the same course and came in second in his age group.

Friday, July 29, 2011

7 links for Fitness Friday

Karen from Just Me and My Running Shoes tagged me in her post of “My 7 links”!   
Most Beautiful Post:

I am picking the post of the night my nephew was born.  my husband and I don't have any children so our niece and nephew are the closest thing we have (other than Deuce)! See and read about Baby Andrew here

Most Popular Post:
My most popular post, other than when i had a giveaway, was when i did my first speed training run which you can read about here.

Most Controversial Post:

I haven't really had any controversial posts, unless you count the time when my mom didn't think I should have to ask for help picking my shoe colors.  :)  I decided on black and purple, which was also the favorite of my commenters.  See my original choices here.

Most Helpful Post:
The post i choose for this link isn't about something that helped others. Instead it is about someone that was helpful to me!   Here is how Twila helped me in my running!

Post Whose Success Surprised Me:

I was surprised and loved when Deuce was having so much trouble a couple weeks ago in this post. I just want to thank the blogging community for sending up prayers and thoughts for Deuce to get better. 

Post That Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved:

My first tri was last September.  I wrote about it here, but dont think it got the attention it deserved.....mainly bc i had very few followers at that point in time! :) I am proud that i was able to do the tri and am reconsidering doing it again this year, although i haven't swam or biked all summer........

Post You are Most Proud of: 
I am definitely most proud of completing a half marathon.  I found one that was close by on my birthday and started training.  My husband thought i should master a 5k before i tried a half, but i decided to go for it anyway and am so glad i did.  You can read all about it right here!

I tag:
Pam from  Running Slowly 2 the Finish
Jen from Runner.... Maybe
Erica from I Run Because...I Can 
Pam from Life Began at Thirty
Jen from One Step at a Time

1) Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog – 1 link for each category.
2) Blogger nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part.
3) These bloggers publish their 7 links and nominate another 5 more bloggers

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh so sore!!

Still feeling it in my legs from Shred with Weights Level 2 from Monday!  I became even more sore after last night deciding to run 2 miles on the treadmill as fast as i could.

I did 2 miles in a 10:59 pace.  the first mile i started out under a 10 minute pace but couldnt keep it up for the whole mile. i felt like i couldn't breathe and it was only 3 tenths in!  :( i had to slow down and ended up finishing in a 10:31 which is my best 1 mile time, although i wont count it since it was on the treadmill.  mile 2 was a little slower but felt more comfortable.

i think that next time i try to do 2 miles for speed i'm going to start at a 10:30ish pace and go faster rather than trying to go fast and then having to slow down. 

today is a rest day and geez do i need it.  i'm hobbling around like an old lady!  i thought you were supposed to exercise your soreness to work it out??  too bad that it just made me even more sore!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Level 2

Wowzers! I tried to move up from level 1 to level 2 tonight on shred with weights and it really kicked my butt! Know how I said I didn't feel anything from level 1? Not the case with level 2! I'll have to do it a couple more times to get the groove of it. But it's definitely harder than 1!

My chiro didn't tell me not to run but I wanted to take another day off to give it a rest just in case! It hasn't hurt at all today so tomorrow I'll try it out and see how it does.

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8 miles......

Saturday we started at 6:30 a.m. to beat the heat.  Unfortunately, it was already 75 degrees with 95% humidity at that time.  I can't say all 8 miles were bad.  The first 5 were great! I had a good pace and they felt good!  The last 3, however, were MISERABLE!   It was hot and muggy and I was done! 

I have liked all the Gu's I have tried so far. But, I finally found one I dont like, and of course it happened during a long run.....Strawberry Watermelon GU Brew. I have tried the lemon/lime and the orange gu brew and have liked them, but the strawberry watermelon was just too sweet. I tried to refill the bottle when it was half way gone, but that made it even worse.  It was still sweet and now watered down.  Yuck.  At the next water stop i dumped out what i had left and refilled it with regular water.  

I got back to the car after 8 and ran home to change, use the bathroom, and grab a banana while Jeremy was finishing his 14 miles.  I picked up Jeremy, we went home, ate, and took a nap. When I got up from the nap, my left knee and right hip were hurting. Especially my right hip!!!  It was a sharp stabbing pain, much like I had after I finished the half marathon in October, except it was the other hip!  (read about it here if you missed it).  All night long I was hobbling, it hurt to take a step.  By Sunday it was feeling better and not hurting unless I went up the steps, but an appointment to the chiropractor for Monday has already been made!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Christmas in july

I finally got Jeremy to put my Christmas present on my car!!

Now I'm ready to ride.....once the temperature gets under 90 degrees that is!

Monday, July 18, 2011

weekend recap

hello to my new followers!  i've gained several the past couple weeks! I hope you all will stick around through my running and weight loss journey!

quick Deuce update for everyone that was keeping track - Deuce is back to 100%. He has been his normal self the past 3 days. although he is much more lovey dovey but i'm ok with that! he goes on friday to have his stitches removed.

Friday night I went with 2 of my girl friends to see "Horrible Bosses".  Good move, funny, much like the Hangover and Bridesmaids. 

Saturday I had my 4 mile run.  We got up at 6:15a.m., met Twila and Angie at 7.  Twila and Jeremy were doing 14, while Angie and I were only doing 4.  It was a great run for me!  I did walk twice during mile 2.  once was around mile 2.2, then again at 2.9-3.0.  when i looked at my watch at mile 3.0, i saw that i was a couple minutes under 40 minutes.  i knew that i could run fast for that tenth and have a 5k time on a training run under 40.  i have only been under 40 for a 5k twice.  the first time was a year ago to the day.  i finished it at 39.55!! and that's with walking TWICE!! i slowed down to finish the last mile.  my pace for all 4 was 12:56.  woo hoo!!

I also received my RoadID in the mail on Saturday!  I opted for the large size. even though it's a little big on me, it will fit both jeremy and i.  I got the green, slim version. Mine and Jeremy's name and info are on there, as well as an emergency contact.  This way we can both use it. the only time we run at the same time right now is on saturday mornings.  during the week, he can use it in the mornings when he runs and i can use it at night. 

Sunday - Jeremy and I went with a friend to see Harry Potter.  a lot of people clapped at the end, however i was sitting there crying.  it was a good movie and i was sad to see it all end.  it really makes me want to go back and reread the books.  Jeremy and I also watched the Lincoln Lawyer that night on pay per view. we had a free movie coupon and wanted to use it before we forgot about it (like the last one we got). 

this week my goals are:
*get in 3 runs, including an 8 miler on saturday
*one bike ride
*shred with weights 1-2 times
*be down 1-2 pounds at ww on thursday.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Deuce and running update

Deuce seems to be doing better.  Wednesday I got him to eat a little food at lunch time from my hand, but then he wouldnt eat any more that night.  Yesterday, he ate a cup full of food after I got off work at 4:30 and an occasional treat throughout the night.  He wouldn't eat out of his bowl though, only my hand or off the floor.  He has been downing some water though. I think the anti-infection medicine must be making him super thirsty!  This morning he wouldnt' eat but a bite out of  my hand and none off the floor.  But he does seem to be feeling better and has been smiling and wagging his tail.  So thankful for everyone's thoughts and prayers.  it was a scary few days.

Now to running.... I missed my 8 miler last weekend. I ran 2 miles on the treadmill Sunday night and then again Monday night, but haven't ran anymore since. It's been a crazy busy week! (see previous posts) I have decided to do the 4 that is on the schedule for this week and change next week's 10 miles to 8.  If I'm feeling good on Saturday I'll try to get in 6, but will definitely do 4. 

I did have swim lessons Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night so I walked in the pool for 45 minutes each of those nights.

Monday I also did Shred with Weights for the second time.  my hamstrings were sore from the squats Tuesday and Wednesday.  I was a little disappointed that my arms and back weren't sore.  That's where i want it to burn!  Maybe i need more weight? or an actual kettle bell??  to get the "burn"!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

not out of the woods yet....

Monday night late, about 11:30pm, Deuce got sick and threw up twice on the carpet.  Then again once on Tuesday morning.  I called the vet and he said to stop giving him any food or his medication that it was probably making his stomach upset.

After lunch, Jeremy texted me and said Deuce was shaking and not looking good.  I left work and came home to take him to the vet.  He had a temperature and the vet wanted to give him an iv and some antibiotics to get his temp down.  I left and was to come back a couple hours later.

When I arrived later, the vet met with me and said that Deuce was in bad shape after I left. They had put in the iv and he started having trouble breathing. The vet said he turned blue!!!  So they sedated him and put in a breathing tube and he pinked up.  They waited til I got there to wake him up from the sedation.  My mom had come to the vet to be with me and we went back together.

Deuce was shaking and breathing hard.  Not in as much distress as he was earlier, but not his normal breathing.  I was able to take him home but was to call the number to the vet if anything happened.  We got home and he did eat a little food. I had some wet dog food that I opened and gave to him. But wouldn't eat the rest of the night.

This morning he still wouldn't eat any food, but he did drink some water.   He is moving very slowly and I can tell he still doens't feel well at all.  I pray that he gets better as the day goes on. 

Deuce dressed up as a hula dog for my 30th Bday/Halloween party

Monday, July 11, 2011

all is well

Deuce is doing great after his surgery.  All the tumors ended up being fatty tissue that had calcified.  He was a bit drowsy on Friday when I brought him home, but by Saturday he was back to his normal self. :) so relieved and happy that he is ok. 
a little drowsy

stitches on his side
Jeremy's truck on the other hand doesn't look so well.  Hopefully we will find out this week if it's totaled or not.  We have been talking about what kind of vehicle we would get if it is.  We are thinking of a Ford Edge or Ford Escape.  Does anyone have one or do you know someone that has one?  Do they like it?  We have been looking at some 2008's. since the truck was already paid off, we dont want to get something that we have to make payments on.  
Jeremy's poor truck :(

Saturday I was scheduled to do 8 miles. I knew I was going to have to do it some other time bc I had a yard sale planned with my mother in law for a few weeks.  I made over $150 at the sale! I was very excited, especially with the $500 vet bill we just got!  I had planned on running Saturday night but my brother in law, niece and nephew came over.  We attempted to recreate the s'mores burgers again and this time we were successful!!!  They were delicious!!  

Sunday, I planned on running in the evening after my sunday afternoon nap, but Jeremy's parents called and wanted to eat dinner with us. After dinner we drove around to a few local car dealers to get a feel for what they had.  By the time we got home it was 9:00pm and too late to run 8 miles on the treadmill and have to get up to work.  I did do 2 miles but that was it.  
Now the question is do i do 8 miles instead of the 4 on the schedule next Saturday, with 10 the following week. OR do i do 4 this week still, then change the 10 to 8 the following week??  I have 2 10's on the schedule, so I dont feel bad switching one to an 8 so i dont have to do two long runs back to back weekends. Decisions, decisions.....

Friday, July 8, 2011

Shred with weights day 1 and a rough day

I skipped running last night and did Shred with Weights instead. This was my first time doing it and i really liked it.  i have yet to buy a kettle bell yet so just used a 5 lb dumbbell, which Jillian says is ok! There were only 2 parts that i didnt like.  one i didnt like just bc i'm out of shape and it made my quads burn, the other one "turkish getups" hurt my knees.  guess i'll try to do another activity instead of that one in the future. 

yesterday i took my boy Deuce to the vet for his rabies shots.  while we were there the vet looked at some "lumps" that he had had the year before and I showed him a new one that had come up recently.  the vet said we should have them taken out just to be on the same side. so we scheduled his surgery for today.  i dropped him off this morning and called at noon but they hadn't even started on him yet.  The vet thinks that they are probably fatty tissue that has calcified but wanted to take them out to make sure since he is older. 

to make matters worse, last night Jeremy was in a wreck on his way home from a little after 1am.  He was going through an intersection, when another car ran the red light and Jeremy t-boned him.  He is ok although his back was a little sore last night.  His truck though is not drivable at the moment.  We are borrowing my parents extra car until we can figure out if we need a rental and how long it will take for his truck to be fixed or if it's totaled. 

Hoping things don't come in three's!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Half way report

Since the year is half over, I decided to look at my goals for 2011 and see where I am.  As it turns out, I"m not doing so well! :(

*run a 5K in under 30 minutes - not yet
*run a half marathon in under 2:45, preferably under 2:30 - not yet
*do 2 or more triathlons - have done 1
*lose weight (which will help a lot with the first two goals)  - yes!  lost 11+ pounds so far, with more to come
*stop drinking soft drinks (had quit, but during my sickness started again) - whoops i had forgotten about this one completely! :(
*get at least 1-2 more states marked off my list - changed this goal specifically to half marathons - not just any races - no new states marked off yet, but am looking at getting a KY half in the fall and maybe one in WV and TN marked off
*cook more - Yes! have been cooking and eating at home more

Possible Halfs -  none of these has or will happen. However, there is one in KY, WV, and TN that I am looking at for the fall.
Lexington Run for the Bluegrass - April 3rd
Derby MiniMarathon - April 30th

Estes Park Half- June 12
Mount Desert Marathon 2 person relay - Oct. 16 - Jeremy and I would do this full together as a team
RnR Las Vegas Half - Dec. 4th

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July weekend

Saturday, Angie and I had 6 miles on the schedule again.  Jeremy was using his new watch so I got to use my "new" old watch. New because it's officially mine now, old because we have had it awhile.  Angie and I had talked before about whether she was going to come back to me if she was ahead. I told her since it wasn't dark and we had already run this course she could go on without me.  The run was great! With the exception of stopping half way to Gu and drink some water I was able to run the whole thing!!  No walk breaks for me!!  My pace was also faster than my training plan called for, so double bonus!!

Saturday we just took it easy and watched The Office (aka - my new obsession.) I can't wait til Jim and Pam get together!!  I'm on season 3 already since Thursday night. I tried to recreate the s'mores burger but it didnt go so well.  We will have to try again soon! I think the problem was too much marshmellow cream, not enough peanut butter or nutella.

Sunday was day 21 of no fried/breaded food!!  I have been trying to go 21 days of no fried foods since March/April and was just now able to go 21 days straight!  So we celebrated Monday with Lee's chicken strips and potato wedges.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  It definitely wasn't long enough!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

first "speed" run

last night 4 miles was on the schedule.  during those 4 miles I was supposed to do 3 * 800's at 5:50.  once again i was not feeling up to a run but i know i have to do it anyway, especially since i skipped out on tuesday's run.  but this was my first "speed" run on the half/5k training program, so i headed up stairs at 9:45pm. 

i have recently (in the last 2 years) been watching The Office.  I had never watched previous ones until last week when I started dvring them.  i decided it would probably be a better idea if I went in order. so i borrowed seasons 1-3 from Angie and popped in the first season for my first speed workout. 

jeremy had replaced the battery in the footpod the day before but still didnt think it was working, so i thought i'd give it a try.  thankfully it was working!  i did the first mile easy, then started in on the 3 * 800's with 400 jogs in between.  my pace for the 800's was a 4:58!!!  woohoo - 1 minute faster than i was supposed to go!  one of the 400's inbetween was a walk rather than a jog.  I was sweating horribly and needed a break to desweat! 

after the 800's i still had a mile left to do, but wasn't feeling it.  i did .25 and got off.  i was planning on being done, but after i wiped the sweat off, i decided to get back on and finish the mile up.  so glad i did!

of course then jeremy got home a little bit later with fresh no bake cookies that he got from a lady at his work.  i devoured three of the 4!! :( 

but in my defense it was my last day of my ww week and i had already weighed in for the day!  Down 2.6 pounds!!  finally got my "vacation weight" off plus another pound!