Sunday, November 25, 2012

My first 5K back

On Thanksgiving day I completed my first 5K since breaking my ankle!  My friend Emily and her  dog Charlie walked with me.  My A goal was to finish, my B goal was to get under an hour, and my C goal was to not come in last! I was able to achieve all three goals!  We finished in 57 minutes and that was with a bathroom stop for Charlie. 

I went to the doctor last Monday to check up on the pain I had a month ago.  Thankfully the pain is gone and he re-released me from seeing him.  He told me I could start running again, but to start back slow. He suggested I use something like the Couch to 5K program to get back in to shape. I told him that was already my plan.  He also told me that I need to do almost ALL of my runs on a treadmill because it has more give and will be easier on my ankle than concrete and pavement would.   I told him that was fine with me!  Unlike most people I dont' mind running on the treadmill - no hills and climate control - works for me!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Puppies and Progress

I have wanted a puppy for the past 3 years.  My husband thinks and has repeatedly said we are a one dog family.  Fortunately for me I must have been very pitiful one day after I broke my ankle because he finally gave in and said we could get a puppy, but it had to be after we come back from vacation.  \

We went back and forth and finally decided on getting an English Setter.  We wanted a male because we already had the perfect name picked out "Miles".  We were third on the list for a male out of a litter.  They puppies were born this past Thursday and to our dismay there were only 2 males born.  So we were torn with waiting for a male from another litter or getting a female out of this litter.  By getting a female from this litter we would have it before Christmas and would be home with it the whole week of so we could work on potty training.  If we waited for a different litter we would be back at work already and not be home as much the first few weeks.  But we didn't have a name for a girl that we love.  What a predicament! 

In the end we decided to get a female and find a good name!  We wanted a running related name but it seems most running related names are for boys.  We came up with Mary, Mara and Cadence, but none of those really sounded right.  Jeremy suggested Lacy because of shoe laces which led us on the list of "acy" names.  Lacy, Pacey, Macy and Gracie.  So far Lacy is in the lead of names. 

If anyone has another running related girl name, send it our way!! 

Here's a picture of the 4 females we will have a choice of. They are only a day old in the pic.

Today I went to the therapist and had a great report!!  My right calf was an inch bigger than last time, still an inch to go before it's back to normal size.  My dorsal flexion was almost the same as my left foot and my pointing flexion was better by 10-15 degrees. 

I signed up for another 5K on Thanksgiving Day.  My ankle pain has been much less so I'm hoping it will be completely gone by then and I can finish this one!