Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Orlando and a run of firsts

A couple days after the indoor triathlon my hip started hurting.  I tried to run a couple times, but would have to stop and ended up having to finish the distance walking. My 4 mile run became a 4 mile walk.  I went to the chiropractor and he got me all fixed up. 

Two weekends ago Jeremy and I went to Magic Kingdom and to Universal's Islands of Adventure to visit Harry Potter World.  Harry Potter World was great!  And Butter Beer (which is non-alcoholic I will add) was amazing! I had three!  We are already planning to go back!

I didnt run while we were down there. I was supposed to do 5 miles that weekend, but we seriously walked all day long for three days - one at Universal, one shopping, and one at Magic Kingdom. So I thought that made up for it.

This past weekend, my plan had me doing 6 miles since I have a 7 mile race this upcoming Saturday.  If you have ever read my blog or know me, you will know I HATE running in the rain.   I can count the times I've run in the rain during the past 3 years on one hand.  Saturday was going to be nice but we already had things planned.  Sunday called for a 70% chance of rain.  And of course we woke up to a downpour.  I looked at the map and it looked like it might be past us around 11am, so Jeremy and I decided to wait it out for a couple hours. 

11 o'clock came and it was still raining.  But I had told myself I was going to do this and with Lacey.  She has to be exercised or she is wound up all day and night long.  We started out and for the first mile I thought this had to be my worst idea ever and was planning on running a couple miles then I could go back to my house and do the rest on the treadmill.  After 2 miles though, the rain let up and it was just windy and cold.  I decided to continue on and even decided that as long as it wasn't raining I was going to do 7 miles, instead of the 6 that was on schedule.

Keep in mind since I broke my ankle I have not run more than 4 miles and as stated above that 4 miles ended up being a walk bc of my hip.  I ran/walked 7 miles and felt good! I wasn't concerned with my time.  On this run I realized I actually like running when I'm not worried about getting a certain time and I really like running with Lacey. She keeps my attention so I don't think about how much I don't like running in the rain or how slow I've become.
Lacey, finally worn out after a run.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Catching Up and Indoor Triathlon Recap

Sorry I have been away so long from the blogging world.  I have been running and have finished week 6 of my couch to 10K program. I got a little behind in February with a lazy week, followed by hurting my already bad ankle.  But it is better now, nothing broken, just bruised. 

Jeremy and I have been running with Lacey as much as we can.  She isn't quite ready to run in town yet, so we have to go to the park with her. Jeremy has taken her on a couple 5 mile runs and she has done really well and is tired afterwards.  We have figured that for now 5 is her magic number of what it takes to get her to wear out. 

Sunday Emily and I took part in an indoor triathlon, the same one we did last year.  Unfortunately this year I did not prepare at all like I should have.  I had not swam or biked since early last summer before I broke my ankle and as previously stated February wasn't a great run month for me.  The swim was ok.  I was the next to fastest person there. I alternated between freestyle and backstroke because my arm muscles were on fire! Switching back and forth helped to give some of the muscle groups a break.  The bike was not pretty. They were on spin bikes and I had already planned on setting the resistance easy and going slow so I could finish and have some legs left for the run.  The run was 21.13 laps around the indoor track.  I decided to help me keep count and to be able to do my run/walk method I would walk 1 lap and run 2 and do that 7 times.  Jeremy was there to cheer me on and keep track of mine and Emily's laps.  Emily finished before me on the run and did the last three laps with me and Jeremy ran the last .13 with both of us.  It was really sweet of them to finish with me.  All the other spectators thought Jeremy was adorable for helping me.  Of course I agree with them!

In January I sold my car to Jeremy's mom and thus had to take off my tri magnet and 13.1 sticker off.  I didnt want to put either back on my new car until I had competed in one again and now I can put the tri magnet back on!  May 19th is my half marathon in Green Bay and I'm looking forward to getting a new 13.1 sticker.

Monday, March 4, 2013

"The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide: The Key to Running Inspired" Book Review

A few weeks ago Ryan Robert contacted me about reading and reviewing his book The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide: The Key to Running Inspired".  I was thrilled to be asked to do this and quickly accepted!  Unfortunately, it has taken me longer than I would have liked to actually get this post written.

The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide covered many of the aspects that first time runners wonder about such as what to wear, what kind of shoes do I need, what to eat before and after a run, and what to do if you just really don't want to run that day.   

I really enjoyed the visualization strategies that the book gave. I have used visualization when I was in high school  and even when I've coached my highschoolers on the swim team and really believe that it works.  However, I had never thought about using it for running. 

The book had 4 training guides in the back: already active people, non-exercisers, over 50, and one for weight loss.  Looking through them, I felt that the guides for beginner's were advanced for a newbie runner and that trying to run 5 days a week might be a day or two too much for someone just starting out.   It suggested switching your off days for when you wanted them, but to make sure you ran 5 days a week.  My husband who runs marathons and is constantly training for something doesn't run 5 days a week. In my opinion I don't think someone just starting would be able to start with that frequency and enjoy it. I know I wouldn't. I'm doing good to get in 3 days a week.   

I would recommend this book to anyone that is thinking about running or a new runner that has recently started.  There was a lot of information, but it wasn't overwhelming. Several times throughout the book, it said if you feel like starting, go to the back and select a plan.