Wednesday, September 1, 2010

back in the saddle

this past saturday jeremy's boss talked him into doing a duathlon with him. which involved running a 5k, then hoppiing on his hybrid bike to ride 16.5 miles. i told him to take my road bike, but he said it was a girls bike and wouldnt use it. haha, i think he learned his lesson! while i was waiting on him to finish i overheard some of the athletes talking about one really big hill that had the words "look up" painted on the road. you look up to see that the hill just keeps going and going and going! after the race was over jeremy drove me to the hill so i could get the full effect of just how big it was! i told him to use my bike, maybe next time he'll listen! ;)

today was the first day in over a week i have been able to run, or exercise at all for that matter. i missed exercising but know that i needed to take a break to recover from my surgery. just a litle outpatient surgery, nothing big, but the doc did say no exercise for 7 days. jeremy and i had said we would either sleep in and run thursday or get up and run today. well, i got up early but jeremy wanted to sleep, so i decided to run on the treadmill.

i used to be one of the those people that thought running on the treadmill was SO much easier than outside and thought my hubby was crazy when he didnt' think so. well, i have had a change of heart here the last month or so since i have primarily been running outside. this morning i quickly got hot, sweaty, out of breathe. i'm sure part of it was due to the fact i hadn't exercised in over a week, but i think just being on the treadmill made it more difficult as well. i had to take walk breaks, which im' not opposed to since that is the whole point of my half training program, but i really try not to on the 30 minute runs. it felt good though to get back at it again.

tomorrow jeremy is going to do his run since he skipped out this morning. this upcoming saturday i'm due for a 10 mile run!

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  1. I'm glad you listened to your Dr. and rested! Good luck this weekend, you are going to do great!