Thursday, April 28, 2011

I need NORMAL!!

Last week my excuse for not running or biking was moving and unpacking. which we are still doing by the way.  :( unpacking takes forever! its becoming my least favorite chore EVER!!  I just want to snap my fingers and for everything to be in the right spot!

This week my excuse for not exercising (even though i said I would start this week) has been the spring book fair.  My position at the middle school is only .2 which equals about an hour and a half a day. However with the book fair going on i need to be there more than that. so i've worked an extra 10.5 hours on top of the 7.5 that i usually work in a week, on top of my regular 40 hour job! today was the last day of the fair so i can get some sleep now, hopefully!!!

this weekend jeremy is running in the ky derby half marathon! the one I was late registering for ..... :(  anyway, we have a hotel in downtown louisville and are within walking distance of the start line.  However with all the rain, tornado watches/warnings, and floods we have had the past couple weeks we have heard some roads downtown might be closed.  i looked in the louisville paper and it said all is well, but i'm going to call the hotel to make sure everything is still ok.  i would hate to get up there and not be able to get to our hotel! 

i am looking forward to going to the expo on friday and cheering on j during the race!! i should be able to go to different spots on the course and see him.  but what i'm really excited about is there is going to be a hot air balloon glow friday night as part of the derby festivities! I LOVE HOT AIR BALLOONS! it was on my bucket list to ride in one.  a few years ago, during a festival one landed in the neighborhood i was in to watch them.  the guy was so nice and let kids go up in the balloon for free. he was still tethered to the ground but they went up 50 feet or so!  when all the kids had gone up, he asked if there was anyone else - so i raised my hand and jumped in!  that opened the floodgates for all the adults to go up. 

The balloon glow starts at 9 so it will be a little late for J since he is running the next morning, but i figure we can take a nap in between dinner and the glow and he should be good to go! if not, he can stay at the hotel bc i dont want to to miss the balloons....did i mention i love hot air balloons??? 

I'm a little worried about his race, due to moving and his brother and sister in law being in town (they live far away and we dont see them that often) his running has taken a back seat the past two weeks as well.  he ran today and ran twice last week.  so in reality he only skipped two runs total, so it's not too bad.  i think it's one of those mental things though where you think you aren't prepared even though you know you are.  

hope everyone has a good weekend! i'll have some pictures of the expo, J running, and of course of the hot air balloons up soon!

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  1. How fun! Hot air balloons! I've never been in one but always wanted to! :0) Have fun at the race this weekend!