Thursday, April 21, 2011

time to decorate

This week we have been busy moving in to our new house.  We have everything moved in, now it's just a matter of UNPACKING!!!  I thought having to move completely out in a short time period was bad, but unpacking and putting stuff where it goes is so much worse!!  We get started in one room and end up doing 10 different things in other rooms. 

Today the game plan was to start going room by room and getting them done so we dont get side tracked in other rooms.  This worked really well and we now have our bedroom liveable, minus clean sheets!  But that is being taken care of by mom (Thanks mom!!)  I think she's going to be sad to see us leave.  Jeremy is already betting that she'll cry when we move out.    Many people have asked how it's been moving back in with the parents but it hasn't been bad at all! I think we have all enjoyed it actually!

So now that we are putting stuff together it's time to start thinking about decorating!!!  I dont want to use my bathroom decor from the old house in our master bathroom, so it's going to the other full bathroom upstairs.  so that means I need new decor in the master bathroom.  The walls are a light beige color and the curtain that was left is a deep red.  We want to hang pictures that I took in Hawaii or that we have bought on vacation in the bathroom.  I was looking online and found the shower curtain and decor that I want to get!  It matches the red and is a Hawaiian theme as well!!!  What do you think? 

we wont buy all this, just the trashcan, toothbrush holder
and lotion dispenser which we would put soap in

 While I was looking at the bathroom stuff, I also happened to look at the wall art. We are going to need something to hang in our living room.  I found this great painting!!!  It combines two of my favorite things: polka dots and pugs!!  Jeremy unfortunately doesnt like it and says it's not coming into our house.  I think it might just find it's way there though....maybe not in the living room, but somewhere!!

Isn't it great?!

Running again has taken a back seat while the move and unpacking of the bazillion boxes occurs.  I signed up for the Jellybean 5k virtual race, so I am hoping to get out on saturday and get a run in.  


  1. VERY pretty!! :0) I love it all!

  2. I think the red and brown are great. Picking out the stuff is definitely the fun part!