Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally Friday!

What a week it has been! Here is a summary of our ups and downs.

+Monday we found out the people buying our house had been approved for their loan!
-found out we have to close on it by the end of march (Aka Thursday)
+people buying would let us stay til we could move into our new house, which would be a couple weeks
- found out wednesday, the day before we closed, buyers had changed their mind and we had to move completely out within two days after closing. :(.
+my parents offered to let us stay with them until we can move into our new house
-neither Jeremy or I can take off work this week to move
+family came and helped us pack and move. Twila and her husband let us use their trailer to move stuff in.

As of tonight we have everything but our bikes and a couple small things that still need to be moved to my parents house. It has been a whirl wind three days. So glad tomorrow is Saturday and we can relax and of course watch the KY wildcats play in the final four tomorrow!!

Running has been non existent this week. :(. Dieting went down the drain as well.. At least theres always next week!!


  1. You survived, sweetie. I know it was awful...
    But that part is over. Now you can relax, and focus your prayers on the closing on the new place. I know I will be, for you!

  2. Wow, what a crazy week, I hate movinng and the stress that comes with it