Thursday, April 14, 2011

quarter miles

Last Friday I went out for a "long" run.  Long runs to me are not the same as long runs to others, considering i did a total of 4 miles.  the plan was to go longer but it was hot and having not done any real long runs in a month and a half it just didnt happen.  I went with a friend who is training for a half at the end of the month.  The plan was to run/walk on a 4/1 interval.  Unfortunately even that was too much for me.  So we walked quite a bit, but it was nice bc we were able to talk during it.  I had never ran with this person before and kept apologizing for all the walking.  She said it was no problem, but  I hope she will want to go agian with me some other time when I have gotten better at the "long runs".

Then due to the rainy weather, no treadmill at the parents, I had not run since last Friday until today.  The weather was great, mid 60's and sunny.  It was a little windy. Seems like the wind is blowing hard every time I have run here lately.  I warmed up .25 of a mile with a jog.  It felt good and was at a 11:13 pace.  Not too bad for me, I was expecting a 12-13 minute pace.  Since I am working on my 5k speed and using the program i found last week in an old runners world i had 4 quarter mile runs with 2 minutes walking in between scheduled.  the first three quarter miles were great, less than 11:00, which again for me is really good, then number four came and it was brutal.  Luckily it was only .25 of a mile, my time on that one was 11:53 :( slower than my .25 warm up....crazy!!! 

Over all I am very happy with how I did today, but a little frustrated that I get in a groove and run like i am supposed to one week, then the next week dont get out but once or twice or none at all.  I just can't keep the motivation going!  Any tips? 


  1. Awesome job! Way to go on the run!! :0)

  2. Good job getting back out there ... I know for me that the longer I dont run, the less I want to. As far as motivation goes, Ive used movies such as "Saint Ralph" (on netflix) and other running movies. I have pictures of runners on my "motivational wall" and I always schedule a race for a month or two away to keep me on track. Even if I plan to walk the race, the idea of participating in one keeps me out on the road :)