Sunday, April 22, 2012

4 races in 4 weekends...

What have I done?  As of today I am signed up to run in 4 races the next 4 weekends. I have the Derby Half on Saturday, then I signed up for 2 5K's the following two Saturdays, and then will do another half in Cleveland. Yikes! (Of course Jeremy has it even worse because instead of a half he is doing both full marathons and instead of one of the 5K's, he is doing the 15K.) I'm not sure what we have gotten ourselves into!

Quite honestly the 5K's make me more nervous than either of the half marathons.  I still haven't achieved my sub 30 time goal and until I do, I think the thought of a 5K will make me sick to my stomach.  I know I've gotten faster, but sub 30 is still out there looming in the distance.  I'm hoping 2012 will be the year I can do it!



  1. This is totally going to be your year!!! What a full 4 weeks....go get it!!

  2. If I can do it, you can do it, I am doing 4 races in 3 weekend (2 aquabikes and 2 half marathons)