Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last Long Run

Today was our last long run before the Derby Half Marathon.  Lesley and I met at 8:35am and headed out on our new/old path. It's pretty much the same path we always run but we started at a different spot to add some distance and instead of running around the College, we added some on another street and through the park. 

When we were in Pigeon Forge a couple weeks ago, I bought a two new tanks and a couple pairs of running skirts with shorts underneath.  I'm tried out one of the tanks to know if I can wear it at Derby.  I have matching skirt/shorts to go with it but was hesitant to run in new bottoms for that long of a distance.  I'm thinking I'll try the bottoms out on Saturday for a semi-long run of 4 miles or so. I loved the tank, it was a lot cooler and thinner than my previous tanks, BUT it caused a bit of chaffing under my left arm! :( I'm not sure what it was rubbing on. The right arm didn't bother me at all.  Now I'm worried I wont be able to wear it at all.  Anyone had that problem with chaffing under their arms?  Will body glide help and/or last for a half?

Originally we were supposed to run last Saturday but well, things didn't work out.  I had a brief moment of thinking we would just run 12 this upcoming Saturday but Jeremy got me worried that even though it was only two days later that I wouldn't be fully recovered in time for the half.

I know I am better trained for this half than the previous two.  I have put in a lot more mileage and cross-training since the last half and feel it will be a good race.  The only downfall is that the weather is predicted to be pretty warm that day.  I'm hoping as we get closer the forecast will change and bring some cooler weather.  Today's run though causes me to worry a bit.  Our 12 turned in to 10.65 miles.  It was/is warmer than it has been all spring and with our semi late start, the 20 degree change really made a difference.  I knew at mile 6 that it wasn't going to be pretty bc our average pace at mile 6 was the same as it was a week and a half ago for 10!  Let's just say it did NOT get better from there.  We finished 10.65 a minute per mile slower than last weeks 10. 

The upside, or what I'm trying to see as the upside, is that I am not sore afterwards like I was last week and that the race will be starting an hour earlier than we started today. But it's supposed to be warmer next weekend so that probably cancels out the earlier start time. 

No one likes having a bad run, especially one a little over a week before their race. 


  1. Good uck on your half and enjoy the taper!

  2. That's a nice post, great stories shared. Thanks for sharing this to us, and looking forward always for more updates.

  3. Body glide seems to help me. Good LUCK!!