Sunday, April 1, 2012

just a spectating

On Saturday, Jeremy and I had planned on getting up early than normal, running, then going to Lexington to watch Jeremy's dad finish a half marathon. His dad was on a relay and was the fourth and final person in the relay.  Of course things didn't really go as planned. 

We woke up and got ready only to find that Jeremy's garmin had come off the charger and was dead.  He plugged it in but it wasn't going to have enough juice to get him through his run.  So we went back to bed for about a couple hours, then got up and ready again to go to watch the finish line. 

We saw several other runners from Danville that had already finished as we were walking to the finish line.  They all said the same thing "It was hilly!" When the owner of the town running store says it's hilly, you know it's hilly!  We were able to see some of our friends finish while we were waiting for Jeremy's dad.  It is very emotional watching people finish! I teared up several times for people I didn't even know! 

Finally, we saw Jeremy's dad and Jeremy ran in a little ways to the finish with him. 

 When we came home we found this in the tree by the porch.


  1. Congrats to his dad on his run!

  2. It was great seeing you all there:)