Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Schedule

Last week, Jeremy went to days.  He is out the door by 6:45 and he takes lunch from noon-1pm.  He gets an hour now instead of 30 minutes!

Before when he was on split shift days, he went in to work at noon.  I went to my second job from 9:30-11am so I could be home in time to eat lunch with him before he left for work.  Now that he's coming home at noon, I can go in to work an hour later and thus sleep an hour later. However, the past two mornings (last week was spring break at school so I didn't have to go in at all), I have woken up before I used to get up to be at work at 9:30!!!  What?!?!  I can sleep til 10 now, but instead I'm waking up before 9!  GRRR! 

This morning though I decided to embrace it and get  my run in before I went to school. This way, I could take a nap after Jeremy went back to work after lunch and not be rushed to get in a nap and my run!  We'll see if this keeps up or not. 

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it always the way...you have time to sleep in and you can't!!