Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Doctor Appt Update

Since Saturday my ankle has been bothering me every day.  Yesterday my physical therapist called and wanted to know if I had seen my doctor yet. I told her I hadn't and asked if I should wait to come bac to therapy until after he saw me.  We agreed that that was probably best.

Today I went in for my x-ray to make sure the screw wasn't coming out.  When the doctor came in after the x-rays he said that his first thought when the therapist talked to him was that the ligaments between the two bones really weren't as strong as they were supposed to be.  He said in the x-ray if that was the case then the two bones would be seperated, but they were not!  

He said the screws were not coming out but what he beleived happened was that when they did the surgery the nerve that lays across the inside bone was put in a place where it was safe and protected.  When the therapist did some deep tissue movements the day after my stitches were out, she moved it around so that the nerve became exposed and is now rubbing at times against the screw head. 

He said there really isn't anything he can do about it.  If in a year it is still bothering me he can remove the screws but not until after a year.  He said in most cases the nerve will work it's way away from what is irritating it but it takes time.  Doc told me I could continue with therapy for strength and balance but not to do the deep tissue movements.

The pain I have had the last few days hasn't been as intense as when it first started hurting so I'm hoping that the nerve is moving away from the screw head.  It still hurts a lot but I can at least tolerate it enough to put weight on that foot. 

I go back in three weeks to make sure it isn't worse. 

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