Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jeff Galloway, Iron Horse, and Stitches

Jeff Galloway was at the Iron Horse Half this past Sunday that Jeremy did.  In fact, Jeff Galloway was at the packet pick up on Friday night taking pictures, signing autographs and selling his books.  Of course I had to get a picture with him and his autograph!  I would never have done a half marathon without his run/walk method!

Jeremy had a great race and got a PR by 8 minutes!!  7 out of our 12 Bourbon Chase team members were at the race and all did great!

During the Bourbon Chase they had a side competition of a scavenger game where you could win priority registration for next year.  We unfortunately never heard the results, so I emailed the race director.  Since I couldnt run but tagged along this was my contribution to the team!  He emailed me back and our team got third place!!! Which means we can register early for next years Bourbon Chase!

Today I went to the doctor and got my stitches taken out.  It hurt quite a bit! I think last time I had my stitches out I was still taking pain pills so I didnt realize the pain!  The doctor looked at it and asked how therapy was going. I told him I was still working on the flexibility.  He said it would take a while but I had more flexibility than a man two doors down that broke his and didn't have to have surgery.  He said I had to get the dorsal flexion back in order to run and to stick to non-impact activities (walking, elliptical, exercise bike, swimming) before starting to run/walk again.  He also released me from his care.

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  1. Jeff is everywhere! lol He is such a nice guy! Awesome that you got to meet him! :0)
    YAY for 3rd place and an even bigger YAY for getting stitches out! One more step on your road to recovery!! :0)