Monday, August 13, 2012

An update and a family race

Sorry for not posting in so long but not much has been happening.  I'm still in the boot. I have gotten in the pool a couple more times. We are going to have a deck built in a few weeks so that should make getting in much easier!! I go back to the doctor next Wednesday and should be released to start walking on it a little.  My right calf looks TINY compared to my left.  I have always had big calf muscles and the atrophy really makes it obvious.

This weekend we drove down 6 hours to TN for my niece's birthday.  My foot was swollen all weekend because of the drive and not having it up like I normally do.

Saturday there was a 5k and 1 mile run in a town about an hour away, so the whole family made the trip.  Jeremy and Jordan ran in the 5K. Jeremy got second in his age group and Jordan got third over all!!

This was the first "real" race the kids had done. They did the 1 mile run.  Jordan and Anna ran with Anika, while Jonathan (Jeremy's other brother) and Jeremy's dad ran with the Lex and Xavier. The kids did GREAT!  Xavier and Lex got first and second in the 6 and under age group for boys, while Anika got second in the 6 and under for girls!  I, of course, did what I do best when I'm not running at races, I took pictures!

Xavier and John

Jonathan and Lex

Jordan, Anika, and Anna

 They were all so proud of their awards!




The Ellis Family and their BLING

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