Sunday, September 9, 2012


Monday before I went in to work my throat was hurting a little. Nothing major. I took some ibuprofen and that took care of it.  After work I got home, sat down to take my boot off and could NOT get back up.  I could only just lay there in the fetal position and shake because I was so cold.  I couldnt get up to turn off the lights I had left on. 

Jeremy woke up about 3AM asking why the lights were still on.  I told him I was sick and couldnt' get up to turn them off.  He got the thermometer for me and I had a fever of 99.6.  By 6AM it was 100.2 and by 9AM it was 101.8.  I made an appointment for the doctor. 

The nurse did a strep test and it came back positive! The doctor looked at me and said he was glad they did the test bc just by looking he would have said I didn't have strep.  He prescribed some penicillin for me and sent me on my way. .  I have not had strep in a very long time, since I was in elementary school.  If you have not had strep as an adult you are lucky! Everyone I talked to said strep is the WORST as an adult and boy they weren't joking!!  My fever got up to as high as 104.0. I took some more ibuprofen to keep it down.  Finally it broke on Wednesday around lunch. 

I have never felt that bad and that's pretty bad coming from the girl with the broken ankle!!  I can put full weight on my ankle on Wednesday.  I'm looking forward to it but am also a little nervous in case it doesn't hold up like it's supposed to.  I have my surgery two weeks from Tuesday and after that should be out of the boot for good if everything goes as planned! Yay!


  1. Ugh!! I hope you are feeling much better soon! Strep is usually a fun yearly thing my students share with me!!

  2. I had strep for the first time (and only time knock on wood) a few years ago and it is horrible!@! Hope you are back to feeling normal :)