Sunday, November 25, 2012

My first 5K back

On Thanksgiving day I completed my first 5K since breaking my ankle!  My friend Emily and her  dog Charlie walked with me.  My A goal was to finish, my B goal was to get under an hour, and my C goal was to not come in last! I was able to achieve all three goals!  We finished in 57 minutes and that was with a bathroom stop for Charlie. 

I went to the doctor last Monday to check up on the pain I had a month ago.  Thankfully the pain is gone and he re-released me from seeing him.  He told me I could start running again, but to start back slow. He suggested I use something like the Couch to 5K program to get back in to shape. I told him that was already my plan.  He also told me that I need to do almost ALL of my runs on a treadmill because it has more give and will be easier on my ankle than concrete and pavement would.   I told him that was fine with me!  Unlike most people I dont' mind running on the treadmill - no hills and climate control - works for me!


  1. glad you were released. I heart my treadmill also. I plan to start the c25k this week because I have been walking so much that I feel I need to start over running.

  2. I am horribly behind on blog reading, I apologize.

    I am happy to read your first race back from surgery, that is awesome!!!

    How is the recovery process going?