Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's Been Awhile.... Lots to Update

*After the half in May I took another break from running.  I despise running in the heat, so I didn't. 

*In late July/early August I did sign up for a 6 week water boot camp. I loved this class.  It really worked my arms and was a lot of fun.  With school starting back in September though I did not sign up for the next session.

*Since boot camp has been over I have ran/walked a couple times.   

*I drove one of our team vans for Bourbon Chase.   It was a 15 passenger van.  I was a little nervous, but she drove like a dream.  We had a blast!

*On November 2nd Jeremy was doing a full marathon in Indianapolis, so I decided to do the 5k to kill some time while I was waiting for him.   I ran the whole 5K on no training.  I was slow, but did not walk one time!  I am meeting a couple girls from work in the morning start the couch to 10k program with them.

*I signed up for another 5k this Saturday.  :)  Will run it all again.  I'm really trying to not focus on my times.  I enjoy running much more when I'm not competitive with myself. 

*Jeremy did awesome in his full!! He broke 4 hours, which he has wanted to do since he started training for his first full! 

*Lacey is a running machine and has ran a few races.  She loves to go running with Jeremy and gets very excited when he starts putting on his tennis shoes. 

*She just had her first birthday on November 1.  It's hard to believe it has almost been a year since she has been with us. 

I plan to post more now that I'm going to be running more.  We are planning on a full/half in March in Tennessee. Plus we are definitely doing a full/half in Hawaii in June and we might add another full/half in the fall maybe Georgia or Illinois.  Three in one year may be pushing it though, we will see. 

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