Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in review

Below are the goals I wrote for 2013.  I was able to achieve most of my C goals but did not achieve any of the A or B goals.  I will have my 2014 goals up soon, with hopes of achieving some of my A and B goals. 

C Goals:
-do a half marathon in 2+ states (Green Bay Half in Wisconsin is already on the schedule) -
one half - Green Bay Half 
-do 2+ triathlons - indoor tri and 27 hour tri both done this year
-lose 5-10 pounds and maintain - no such luck 
-5-10 miles per week average - did this through May, but not after 
-re-break 45 minute 5k - yes! 44 minutes  

B Goals: 
-lose 15-25 pounds and maintain
-re-break 3 hours in half marathon
-11-15 miles per week average
-match 5k PR time or faster

A Goals: 
-lose 30-40 pounds and maintain
-2:45 or under in half marathon 
-16+ miles per week average 
- break 30 minute 5k

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