Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bits and pieces of me

ok, so a little about me. i am 30 years old and live in the big city of danville. we are hoping to move out into the county in the next year or so. i have a pug dog, Deuce, who is 8 years old and is my "baby". i am married to the best guy in the world! it took us a while to find each other (thanks marci and amber!), but we did and it has been wonderful ever since!

i am a swimmer by heart and love being around the pool. i have coached the boyle county high school swim team for the past 8 years and was an asst. coach at danville for 2 years before that. i love to teach swim lessons in the summer at bunny davis. my goal for every group and child is that by the time they leave they are not afraid to be in the pool, as in no kicking or screaming or digging their little fingers in my arms when it's time to get in!

i recently got hired at centre college's library as the evening circulation supervisor. although my undergrad was in education, my masters was in library science. it took awhile for God to work out the details, but he did and I love my new job and am so very BLESSED!

i also like to take pictures and when i'm not in a race, i'm usually there cheering on jeremy and my friends and taking some "action" shots!

also, i dont use frequently use capitals (as you can see), so dont expect too many in my blogs.

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