Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I live for the downhills!

Since I've been biking for several weeks, I decided I wanted to go with the local riding group. They bike every Wednesday and Sunday. My friend Katie recently got a bike as well. We have been talking about riding with the group for awhile but she had always backed out on me (love ya katie!).

Anyway, tonight was the night. We pulled up and realized we were pretty out of our league. Everyone was in real "bike" attire and we were not. Everyone had that serious biker look and we did not!

However, we did it and had a great time. We biked 24 miles through Boyle and Mercer County. The first half of the trip we stopped for a couple minutes every three miles or so. We stopped to get something to drink at a restuarant in Mercer Co half way. The rest of the way back we only stopped once. Unfortunately it was bc one of the bikers had a wreck. He flipped and landed on the pavement and it even threw his helmet off. One of the dr's wives was with us and her husband was going to look at him once he got back to town. Everyone of the group members was extremely nice!

It wasn't easy and as I"m sitting here, I am dreading what I'm going to feel like tomorrow. It wasn't easy, but it was very enjoyable! Can't wait to do it next week! :)

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