Wednesday, June 30, 2010

try, try again!

2010 started much the same way as 2009, jeremy and i decided to do the shamrock shuffle. i was supposed to walk with my sis in law, but we got separated before the start. jeremy refused to walk with me bc he wanted to run it and improve his time from last year. luckily i found a friend who also said she was going to walk it. ha! she wanted to do more running than I had planned, but none the less we ran and walked and had a good time.

sometime in the spring, I discovered the couch to 5k program and decided in april that's what i was going to do. i still had my goal of running a 5k without stopping and am unfortunately am too competitive to let it go. for anyone that is not a runner but wants to start running for whatever reason, couch to 5k is the way to go!

as of right now i only have 1 workout left in the program and will do it tomorrow morning! YAY!!

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