Wednesday, June 30, 2010

up to now

I have done 4 races since starting the couch to 5k program.

Jennie Carol 5k - i was on week 4 of the program. had planned on doing my workout and then just try to run/walk for the rest of the 5k. about 1.5 miles in, i had stomach issues. :( my time was horrible but Jeremy had done the race with me and we had a good time just walking through downtown danville after my bathroom stop at speedway!

McDowell 1 mile run - went a best ever 1 mile time with a time of 11:57 and won my age group !

Brass Band 5k - i wanted to do this race bc it's part of the serres, but after the jennie carol 5k was leary of doing it without finishing the program and lack of bathrooms on the backside of the park! :) Anna my sis in law and I walked the whole course and had a fabulous time. our husbands, who are brothers, ran the race and both got personal best times! Jordan even won his age group!

Twinkie Run 10K/5K - this race is different than any other races for a couple reasons. 1) 2 people can do the 10k as a team and each do a 5k or one person can do the whole 10k. 2) no watches are allowed during the race. the person/team that wins is determined by how close your real time is to your predicted time and 3) they stagger the runners based on your predicted entry time. so they started the predicted slowest time first, say 92 min., then they send off the second slowest time next, say they predicted 89 min., they would be sent off 3 min. after the first person had left. The goal is that everyone would finish about the same time!

Jeremy and I were a team and were to each run a 5k. since i was on the last week of my couch to 5k program i figured i could do this! although i wish i could have gotten my time, i am proud because i was able to run all but about one tenth of the 3.1 miles. I stopped to walk for about half a tenth to drink some water and another half a tenth going up one of the numerous hills. Half way through the race I was asking myself "what am I doing?, am i crazy for doing this? why did i say i would start training for a half marathon? I must be nuts!" luckily those thoughts didn't last too long! This is by far my most successful race, running wise and I'm very glad that I can say i can run a 5k now!

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  1. Yeah! Its addicting isn't it? I have good runs and bad runs still. Yesterday I ran at 9 am and it was so hot, but I got 4 miles in. Some days I just can't run, and others I feel like I am flying. Hopefully after your first 1/2 you will do another one with me this spring! I probably will be D-ville running Friday morning if you are interested.