Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Swimming - check. Biking - check. Running - check. what's left? yep, you guessed it a triathlon!

There is a sprint marathon in September at McDowell that I am planning on doing. Not sure how it will go with doing all three things back to back, but I plan on giving it a go.

Another goal that I have is to do a half marathon. Jeremy has been doing long runs on saturdays and is already up to half marathon distance. he hasnt' done one yet only bc we haven't found one that worked in our schedule. so i started looking at ones for him to do this fall that are close to KY. low and behold there is one in Indy on MY birthday! well, i started thinking a few weeks back that I like running now and would like to do a half so i can put the sticker on my car! (i know silly reason, but a reason none the less) How awesome would it be if I did a half marathon ON my actual birthday?! pretty great in my opinion!

next week will be the beginning of my half marathon training!

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