Thursday, November 25, 2010

The good, the bad, and the pretty

Last night, Jeremy and I did the Southern Lights Stroll 5K.  Here is the low down on the race.

The Good:
*Although it rained the entire way up to the race, it stopped and didn't rain for the majority of it.
*I found something that worked with my short hair - 2 samuri ponytails and a sweaty band.
*Eating at Outback after the race with the Andersons and Sudds.
*Going to the Horsepark for the first time ever.
*Going to Southern Lights for the first time ever.
*Realizing I need to start running more to get back in the shape i was again.
*using my new camera that i got for christmas (early)

The Bad :(
*It was cold (40 degrees), windy, and wet from raining beforehand.
*Started raining at the end of the race (my first time running in rain)
*My time (although what do i expect when i stop and take pictures -see The pretty)
*Wearing glasses when it's cold and blowing out warm air that fogs them up making it hard to see.
*Running in the dark so you can't see your Garmin.
*Running in capris (bc you dont have tights or long running pants) when it's wet and having your shoes throw up water on your calves.
*Realizing just how much endurance and speed i have lost since the half due to my injury
*Realizing just how much gaining weight effects you when running.  
*trying to take pictures of lights in the dark with a new camera

and The Pretty:

snow flake

peter pan, the croc, and captain hook



race horse

babe the blue ox

me and the nutcracker       

inside the gift shop at the hp

santa was giving out awards


  1. what beautiful scenery for a race!! :) Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. That run looks awesome! Very pretty! :0) Sorry it was so cold and semi-miserable!