Monday, November 22, 2010

running in the wind....blows

running into the wind = bad.
running with the wind to your back making hair fly into your mouth = worse

i used a sweaty band today with my new short hair.  it didnt work so well.  granted i didnt have the sides pulled back at all and it was windier than a tornado out. i ran into the wind, which is hard, the hair stayed out of my face, but caused the wind to whistle into my yurbuds so loud i could barely hear the music.   i ran with the wind to my back and got nothing but mouthfuls of hair.  i just couldnt win today.  i think i'll try pulling the sides up next time and possibly trying the bondi band.  i think since it is so much wider it might be better at this point.

the actual "run" itself was ok.  i did my run 2, walk 1 cycle hoping that would help my shin splints.  it did for a bit, but they did rear their ugly head about halfway in.  although not as bad as the previous outside runs but still enough to be annoying.  i was able to push through 2.5 miles.

i have a race wednesday night. i'm not sure how i'm going to do.  i obviously would like a PR! i mean who wouldnt???  but i'm not sure that that will be possible where i have had to cut down my training so much the past month.  the black cat chase at the end of oct. gave me a false hope that i hadn't lost that much endurance, but my running the past 3 weeks since then hasn't been the best either.  

i am looking forward to the race in general though. it is at the kentucky horse park called the Southern Lights Stroll, which is decorated for christmas.  they have lights everywhere and normally you pay by the carload to drive around and look at the lights, but the race is going to have us running through the lights.  i plan on taking lots of pictures! :)  i have never been to the horse park for the lights and am excited to finally see them!  plus after the race, a bunch of us that are running in the Bourbon Chase next October (200 mile relay run) are going to eat after. what fun! :)


  1. Oh my gosh that race sounds amazing!!! I can't wait to hear about it! I know you are going to do an awesome job! So sorry about the wind! That stinks!

  2. Wish I could come! You will have fun!