Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Review

November was a very "off" month to say the least.  Not being able to run, told I needed to rest, really made me lazy!  :(

I originally had a goal of 75 miles for November, but quickly saw that was not going to happen.  I adjusted it to 40 which i thought was more doable.  I got really close and ended up with 36.82 miles.  Good thing i have that exercise bike now!  If i'd known i was that close i would have done another 3.18 on the bike today. 
My goal for december is 40 miles again.  Since we are going on vacation and with the holidays I dont want to set it TOO high.  Just high enough that it is obtainable. 

Twila told me about a great deal on Nike.com over the weekend.  I bought a base layer shirt, tights, gloves and a headband!!!  So excited to finally have cold running gear!  Then on Sarah's blog I read about a cyber monday sale on runningskirts.com. so I also ordered me a running skirt! 

Can't wait for them to come in and try out my new duds!


  1. Yay for new running clothes!!! :) And nice woork on the 36.82 miles this month!!

  2. Yay for more running skirts! :0) Which one did you get? I was thinking of ordering a plaid one but I'm not sure which one yet!

    Great job on the milage for Nov...I think that's totally doable for December!

  3. I got the green plaid skirt! so excited!!