Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shamrock Shuffle 3K Recap, Bourbon Chase get together, and Giveaway Winner

Yesterday I participated in the Shamrock Shuffle 3K.  This is the third year my husband and I have participated in this race and the first year that the weather has been nice for it.  The past two years have been cold and rainy. :(

For various reasons I had not ran since last Sunday, but was not nervous beforehand about this race.  I felt confident I could get a PR.  The previous two times I had ran it, I had not run through the winter. To be honest I hadn't even really ran before the race period. 

The weather was really nice. About 50 degrees and sunny!! There was a slight wind, but nothing too bad.  There were 1800+ people, most of which dressed in green or in costumes!  Unfortunately I didnt have any green clothes to wear, but I did have on green eye shadown and a green sweaty band.  Oh, and I ran in my NEW black and purple shoes that had come in!!

This was also the first year that they had signs up for different paces. I went back to the under 21 sign, in front of the walkers.  Jeremy and his brother Jordan stayed up with the under 14 minute runners.  While waiting for the race to start a woman came up to me and asked if I was Mindy. I said "no my name is Crystal" and she walked away.  Then she came back to me and said "you have a blog dont you? I read your blog!" Very cool!!!  Jil, if you are reading "HI!""  :)  After the race started, she zoomed past me! :)

My legs felt good for not having ran all week.  However, my breathing was a little eratic.  The past three times I had run, it had been controlled and I wasn't heaving or huffing and puffing. Yesterday I wasn't huffing and puffing but i was having some trouble catching my breath.  Of course I was going faster than I had on the previous 3 runs also. 

I finished the race with a 12:14 average for a time of 22:52.  Which was 4 minutes faster than last years time and 3 minutes faster than the year before!!  Woo hoo! One the way back to the car we ran into some friends and took a couple pictures! 

me and jeremy after the Shuffle and yes my eyes are closed :(

Jeremy and I and the Andersons after the Shuffle                  

After the race we went and ate breakfast with my brother in law, neice, and inlaws, then hit up BabiesRUs for some upcoming showers I have to attend.  My calves were getting tight, but luckily I had brought my compression socks with me. I slipped them on and within 20 minutes my calves were feeling so much better!!  It really was amazing at how well they worked! 

Jeremy made me take them off several hours later. He said he was afraid my legs would fall off from no circulation!  :)

On Saturday night, our team (minus 2) that are currently planning on running on our 200 mile Bourbon Chase Relay team in early October came over to our house for a meeting/get together/get to know ya dinner.  We ate and talked about some of the logistics of running the race.  The chase is through the heart of Kentucky and runs past 6 Bourbon distilleries - Maker's Mark, Jim Beam, Heaven Hill, 4 Roses, Wild Turkey, and Woodford Reserve.  It starts on Friday, runners run through the night, and finish during the day on Saturday.  Should be very fun!!

And what you have all been waiting for......
The winner of my 100th post giveaway is:

Meredith said...

It would be easier to tell you what my UNfavorite cookie is. The lemon ones that they used to have. Ick. However, I love equally Thin Mints, Shortbread Cookies, Tagalongs and Samoas.

Yay Mer!!!  Send me your email and address and I'll get this out to you! :)


  1. Love the compression socks! Congrats on the race!! :0)

  2. Congrats on the race

    And your legs wont fall off for wearing compression too long, he was being sneaky and getting them off you so he can wear them

  3. Hi Crystal,
    Sorry I got you cofused with one of the other runners' blogs I "cyber stalk". It was nice to meet you. Congrats on your time!

    Run strong,

  4. Congrats on your race!!! (imagines you with no legs. Uhhhh... hubby's right, no good! hehehe) I'm your newest follower!! (side note:) If you're ever looking for a guest blogger I'm your gal! Check out my blog and follow me back! Cheers!
    - Liz

  5. Congrats on the race! Love the socks too!!